Offering fully integrated communication systems technology with the best quality CCTV, access control and Intrusion detection products.

“Island Technology” is ready to provide a wide array of security equipment to meet all needs and safety requirements of all customers, from CCTV, and automatic doors, to an intruder detection system for maximum customer confidence, safety, and disaster prevention. We have world-leading, verified, and safe products, along with a team that will design and plan the infrastructure from the start to completion.


Unexpected events always blindside us

The thought of “everything is safe” “nothing happens” or having an insufficient or substandard safety system, or simply neglecting the system, led to much pain and sorrow from unexpected, irrecoverable losses. As seen on the news that sometimes CCTVs were not available just when they were needed the most. We would like you to know that Island Technology is more than ready to work on such problems, and support you every moment with our highly-experienced team. If you choose us, you will be safe right from planning to the end.

Why Island Technology safety products

1.protect the lives and properties

To protect the lives and properties of yourself and your loved ones.

2.To benefit criminal investigations

To benefit criminal investigations whether in your own house, companies, small organizations, or larger organizations. the safety system is a must.

3.investigation of suspects

If you have large organizations such as hotels, shopping malls, educational institutes, etc. investigation of suspects requires this kind of security system due to the sheer number of people in such sites where monitoring alone might be insufficient.

4.To save cost

It might sound paradoxical as in investing in expensive systems, but if we rely on people alone for security, there would not be sufficient evidence or photos/videos in emergencies. Once you elect to use technology for security, you can go with fewer people and less risk.

5.With over 18 years of experience in safety systems

“Island Technology” is entrusted with the care of various establishments, such as cosmetic centers, hotels, resorts, and major tourist attractions in Phuket, a major tourist province in Thailand. You can confide in our knowledge, experience, and care for everyone’s safety from day 1 onwards, We Island Technology is more than ready to serve everyone.

Contact us to find out more about  Island Technology and how we can help your company.


Some of our latest clients and their testimonials

  • We had a very complex situation to handle, we include Phuket International Academy, a day school, Thanyapure Sports and leisure club which is a large sports complex, we have multiple hotels at multiple different locations. And we have many related companies like SGS which is a security company and all of these had to work together seamlessly. Island Technology has done that very well, handling everything for us including computers, internet, communications, software, hardware, servers, networking and fiber optic. They started with us before we were really even a company. They started with us through the concept stage and they worked with us through construction. And they have continued to work with us as our most valued partner in terms of operations.

    Nicholas Seaver Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort
  • Island Tech has supported us in all technical areas over the years. And the thing with Island Technology team is that they have always been reliable and they have always put up with me on the telephone or my staff ringing up when we needed help. They certainly have grown enormously over the years, when we started with them they were just a small company of two people. Island Technology has grown into what it is now and the impressive reputation that it’s got today. We still work with Island Technology and we are very happy to work with them. And we hope to do so in the future.

    Sue Ultmann
  • "Ever since the Tsunami, Island Technology has been a really big support for the Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation. They have been our supplier of choice, they help us with all our internet services, whether it’s providing access services or with computer support and network problems. If any of our people in the office need technical help they call up Island Technology and the team’s down there, their team is really good, really responsive, they help us tremendously to keep our network services going."

    Peter Hamilton Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation
  • The first project that we started with was Grove Gardens which is just beyond Cape Yamu. We really made contact with Island Technology through the grapevine, they have really been the best at the full turnkey service for this type of business. And still, today 6 years after we are very happy with Island Technology.

    Lars Ydmark Tri Asia
  • We need them 24/7 and every time we call them they help us, not once have they let us down no matter if it’s difficult or easy. This is very impressive because here we live on an island. So with Island Technology, we are quite confident that they are the best service provider on Phuket.

    Manus Nararatwanchai Island Architect

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“When we say we are empowered by passion, we mean it. This has been our philosophy since our small beginnings back in 2001 and our customers and staff are the core of that passion. We are proud of what we have done and also very keen for what can be done.”





We are technology partners with a number of key it manufacturers, and we select only the highest quality brands.

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